Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects

Crossing-Worlds-Hopi-ProjectsCrossing Worlds Hopi Projects supports Hopi sustainability and self-empowerment and provides cross-cultural learning opportunities for all peoples.

Natwani Coalition


Formed in January 2004, The Natwani Coalition represents an affiliation of Hopi organizations and individuals dedicated to preserving Hopi farming traditions, strengthening the local Hopi food system and developing innovative sustainable strategies to promote wellness. For more info, please visit:

The Hopi School



"A flower grows best in its own plot of earth." 

The Hopi school is working to develop an educational process that is derived from Hopi rather than imposed from the outside. With Hopi strengths in the arts, that is an obvious place to start. For more information, please visit

Past Projects 2012 - 2013


Coal/Wood Run 2012
Under the direction of Mary Boles, HTI provided wood and coal to needy families to help get them through a very harsh winter. Mary also procured four coal burning stoves, transported them up to Hopi and helped install them in Hopi homes and in one kiva.

Humanitarian Aid
HTI Provided support with food, clothing, ceremonial supplies, wood and building materials to Hopi communities and families.  We also supported Hopi youth with learning games, sports equipment, art and school supplies, winter clothing, funding to attend special programs.

Emergency Humanitarian Aid
HTI helped Hopi and others by furnishing food, clothing, wood, coal and building supplies in times of natural disasters

Hopi Winter/Holiday Gifting Program
Under the direction of Sandra Cosentino, HTI brought food, clothing, toys and various other gifts to needy Hopi families.

Support for Hopi Head Start
Under the direction of Sandra Cosentino, HTI provided support for Hopi Head Start children, Hopi youth and their families that are most in need. HTI provided over 90 warm winter jackets to head start youth, over 50 sets of new clothing. HTI also privided school and playground supplies for Hopi Head Start classrooms.

Operation Bedbug
Many Hopi live with and suffer from the effects of bedbug infestation.
Operation Bedbug addresses the issue of bedbug infestations through the distribution of information and flyers concerning safe and effective treatment methods for extermination of bedbugs.
Information will be posted on community bulletin boards and handed out to households affected by bedbug infestations.

Support Family projects and Traditional Farmers with supplies
HTI donated funds to Natwani to support traditional Hopi Farming.

Cross-cultural Exchange
HTI donated funds to the Verde Valley Archaeology Center to be decidated to supporting cross-cultural events and brining Hopis and Verde Valley residents together for personal and educational sharing.

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